What It’s All About.

I’ve had a pretty perfect Christmas and not one bit of it was about the presents, although we all had a lot of fun with presents. It was perfect because it was about family – our child and his…an much older brother hanging with his little sister…bonding with my husband’s daughter….watching him be a father, differently, to our boy and watching him be tender and sweet with his daughter who was bonding with me.

Marriage is not ever about two people, even though it is about the love between two people. Marriage is about family, our changing place within our families and the children who enrich not just us, but our families too.

I suppose that what I am trying to say, is that whether you are a heterosexual couple or a same sex couple, while marriage is about your love, your marriage is also about the love of family, parents, children, good friends. A good marriage is reflected in all of the facets of our lives. A good marriage needs to share the joy of family and the joy we have in those we love.


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