Thoughts on Our Weddings

We had a great wedding the other day, and my partner and I were feeling particularly good about our wedding company and the way we do business.

We started out in the wedding business by being scouted and hired by one of the first and best destination wedding companies in Key West. We earned our credentials by producing years of great weddings for our employers. They eventually sold the business to people who quickly disappeared, and we started our own wedding company.

Because we had been working in the field for several years, looking at what our employers did and all of the Key West wedding companies we encountered on the beach over the years, we decided on a very simple approach to our own weddings – reasonably and fair priced and geared totally toward our clients.

That means that although we offer “packages”, every wedding, commitment ceremony, vow renewal or event that we do is unique and reflects absolutely who our clients are and what they want. We listen and we’re here for our people 24/7 both before and after the event.

Possibly, we shot ourselves in the foot, because our previous employers charged a whole lot more than any of THEIR weddings were worth. I shouldn’t be saying this, but they charged a 20% gratuity on all of their weddings and not one cent went to the people who were making the events happen. We vowed to keep our quality high and our prices reasonable and fair.

We think that sometimes people mistake fair prices in a ridiculous market for low quality. NOT SO WITH US. We’re the ones with the beautiful, custom ceremonies who endeavor to make our clients dreams come true, whatever their pocketbook….

We want you to compare our customer service to theirs. You can see prices on all of our sites, but the really important thing is does the wedding company listen to you or do they try to sell you what they want you to buy?

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