I just got another one of those emails asking me to describe our services. Would you like me to translate the complete works of Shakespeare into Armenian and email that too??? It would be as useless as anything I could write in response to an email inquiry like that. How do I know what to respond if I do not know what you are looking for? There are as many variables in Key West weddings as there are in the people who become brides and grooms and it is impossible to answer vague questions like this.

First off, we spent a long time writing our website and putting in every general thing we could about Key West and our weddings. If you’ve found our email address, you must have found our website. And while I never mind going over those wheels again with people, I do not like having to reinvent them each time I answer these overly general inquiries. And because I know that any answer that I write is not ever going to be good, I am generally not as diligent as I would be if people asked specific questions or gave me even just a little bit of information about themselves or their ceremony,

So, what to do about this? If instead of emailing me overly general emails and me having to spend hours writing volumes to not really tell you anything you want to know, how about PHONING if you are not certain what you want to know, The email that set me off today was sent from an iPhone. I swear, one easy phone call would have kept us all happy and saved a lot of emailing time.

I can be reached anytime at 305-393-5313. We can chat, you can ask any questions you like, I will provide answers and you might just get the information you need.

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