Reality TV and Other Really Stupid Things

I had one of those Fridays, where I was working on the computer and waiting for phone calls, so, like many of you on a Friday, I turned on the TV to do some wedding research. There are a few cable channels that have wedding shows, but there’s one that’s dedicated to the wedding biz on Fridays.

So here’s what I learned:

You can never please everybody. Someone will say not enough flowers, someone else will say too many. Your mother might want you to wear her dress, but it’s out dated and looks like hell on you. We all, yes, all of us, even Heidi Klum, have body issues and some gowns just don’t look good on you.

If you’ve planned your wedding since you were 6, just STOP right now and look at who you are, who your fiancĂ© is, and plan a wedding for the both of you, TODAY, when you should be a lot more grown up than you were at 6.

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