Key West Wedding Services

There is a lot of tradition surrounding Wedding Cakes. Our favorite one is that the first bite of food that a bride and groom taste after their vows, should be something sweet, shared together. It sets the tone for your marriage.

Seriously, we need no excuse to eat cake and we bet you don't either. We guarantee that our baker makes the best in Key West..... Our standard wedding cake is available in vanilla, chocolate, yellow, marble and chocolate and vanilla, with butter-creme icing. There is an extra charge for fondant.

We've created some pretty incredible cakes, as you can see in our Beach Cake photo, but our standard white icing cake (see photo) is pretty special too. If you have a dream cake in mind, or a photo of one, let us know. Teaming with our baker, we're pretty good at creating cakes to order. We can also send you photos of some great cakes that we've created.

Whether it's just the two of you sharing something sweet, adding to you guests' celebration and participation with a piece of your wedding cake, or serving a young girl a piece of cake she can dream on, we think that a wedding cake just adds to your celebration.

We always think of a recent groom who said his vows, did the traditional kiss, posed for a few photos and shared a piece of wedding cake with his bride. We think that the kiss and the cake made his day. He held his bride in one arm and the cake in the other and happily headed off down the beach to bliss!





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