Key West Wedding Services

Packages and Ceremonies Intro


In this section, we outline our unique Key West Wedding Packages and give you information on our Key West Custom Wedding Packages, tailored specifically to your dreams for your special day. We also give you information on our Key West Commitment Ceremonies, Key West Vow Renewals, Key West Anniversary Celebrations and Key West Gay Marrriages.

Read through the section and check out whether one of our packages is right for you or if you have ideas for your ceremony that you would like to use in creating your special package. Contact us and let us know.

We've been doing Pirate Weddings for many years. We come in costume and we have a special pirate wedding ceremony. Because there are so many variations on how a Pirate Wedding might be planned, for example whether you want it on the beach or on a boat, we do not have a specific package for it. If you are interested in a Pirate Wedding, the best thing to do is email or call and we'll design a package expecially for you and your guests.

We also love to work at the Key West Garden Club and the Butterfly and Nature Conservancy. If you are interested in either of those sites, please contact us with your details and again, we'll design a package for you.


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